Do you ever look into the deep green shadows of a primeval forest and wonder what those secret depths hold? Do you like to write about your new and inventive discoveries while sipping a glass of fragrant wine? Do you enjoy the creative process? Then I hope you will stop a spell, enjoy the adventure, and travel with me as we imagine the possibilities...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tales from San Antonio, Texas - The Necessities

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This is my set-up at the Courtyard Marriott. I pulled the desk out from under the counter where it awaited my arrival, then spread out. iPad, for music and added research. Computer, for – well – computing, new Texas coffee mug, and pocketknife. The blade is open, not to slit my wrists, but to cut tags off items I purchased. Prime reason for said #SanAntonio knife, though, is the swirly piece of metal that opens wine bottles, and the little hook thingie that takes care of beer caps. One must have one's standards.

Oh, please ignore the crumbs on the railing of my balcony. We aren't allowed to feed the birds. Those crumbs are for me. I'm letting them marinate in the fine air so they'll be perfect when I return to the room. I did stand on the balcony and announce this fact. Figure I'm covered.

Imagine there must be a statute of limitations -- right? 


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