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Monday, September 1, 2014

Tales from San Antonio, Texas - Arrival

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Arrived in San Antonio to attend the Romance Writers Association Conference (RWA14) at 10:08am after three hours sleep the night before, and immediately hit the Le Mans racetrack. Some folks would have called it an expressway, but I know better. The very nice cabby packed my bags in the trunk, opened the door for me, and then we were OFF! Zip here. Zag there. Weave and pounce. We slashed our way through many lanes of traffic. But wait! There’s an opening almost five feet long in front of a fluorescent orange semi. Surely not—well, of course he goes for it. I swear we had—oh—a good solid inch between my side of the cab and the semi’s shiny chrome fender. I could count the dead bugs on the front of that truck as we squeezed in front of him, and was extremely grateful that the semi’s breaks and horn worked. Finally, we pulled up in front of the Riverwalk Marriott, where I exited the racecar with alacrity. I did NOT fall to my knees and kiss the ground, though I did think about it. I was surprised there was no checkered flag.

Imagine how much fun that was!


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