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Monday, September 1, 2014

Tales From San Antonio, Texas - To the Rescue

July 20, 2014, Sunday, Early Evening

Had a fun chat with a police officer yesterday afternoon - I had just entered the lower level of the Courtyard Marriott in San Antonio - #‎RWA14 and he noticed I was moving slow - asked if he could help. "No thanks you, I have asthma and have to take it easy." He insisted on bringing me a glass of water because I looked heated.(Well duh - 99 degrees, and I hadn't bought my cute hat yet, either.)
The officer disappeared in a room and emerged with a glass of ice water! Tasted heavenly. He was correct - I needed that water. So as I sipped, we talked - told him I'm in town for the Romance Writers of America Conference, and he told me he writes. Now you folks know I do love to meet other writers and encourage them. He's just beginning to write, and is working on a crime novel that has as the main protagonist a Shogun (Dutch Hinkle, forgive me if I've said the name wrong.) The officer has several black belts, and is taking classes to learn Japanese - those of you in the Tallahassee Writers Association know my thoughts had to immediately go to Dutch - and I asked if he knew of the old buzzard - Sure enough. The officer has several of Dutch's books. How cool is that???
And as wicked wonderful as I thought the chance encounter - he seemed to enjoy the conversation, too - asked me about our association - how we promote each other.

Best dang glass of water I had all day!

Imagining he's like this all the time - what a good representative of Courtyard Marriott on the River, and the San Antonio Riverwalk!


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  1. Hey, I named one of my new ferrets Shogun. Another accident? I think not!

    Sounds like a nice officer.