Do you ever look into the deep green shadows of a primeval forest and wonder what those secret depths hold? Do you like to write about your new and inventive discoveries while sipping a glass of fragrant wine? Do you enjoy the creative process? Then I hope you will stop a spell, enjoy the adventure, and travel with me as we imagine the possibilities...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

You Sang Me Fair

You Sang Me Fair

You sang me fair my pulse did run
As liquid flames red-ripe to plumb
From deepest depths a burning pyre
That bade my heart to leap and hum
Anon for furthest mount I strove
To reach the peak that in me thrust
And burst full blown a red-rose bower
As desert sands parched throat to rust
Your lips on mine assuage my thirst
Two souls implode with molten fire
Our hearts lay bare as fair and just
Love merged and quenched with fierce desire

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