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Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution: 2011

I hate resolutions, and yet can’t seem to stay away from making at least one each new year. My least favorite, and the one I appear to invoke the most is, “I’m going on a diet…really!” The last several years I’ve had to add on the word “really.” Because no one – even me – believes I’m going to stick to a diet…not that I don’t want too, or at least want to reap the rewards of this virtual fast.

This year, if you will note the smoke twirling above my head, I’ve put a lot of thought into what I ‘really’ want to do; it has come down to this: Be kind.

The other day I was cruising (talk about trouble), when I spotted a book by John Kralik, titled 365 Thank Yous: The Simple Act of Daily Gratitude That Changed My Life. Then I read the synopsis – this gentleman wrote a thank-you note to someone every day and specifically mentioned something about the person that he was grateful for. It stunned me, and I could not get the idea out of my mind.

Today, December 31, 2010, the last day of a fantastic year, I bought John Kralik’s book for my Kindle. It is on my ‘read soon’ list. But more than that, tomorrow I’m writing my first thank-you note, and am planning to write one every day. This is not a resolution, but something that resonates in me. I have so many friends and am so grateful they are in my life. When is the last time I thanked them? What about the lady who so patiently and efficiently works the History Shop at the Capitol? And my hair stylist, who gently discourages me from that flaming red hair I spotted on a young lady in one of our local book stores. And my daughter-in-law – daughter-of-the-heart – who gave up an evening to help me find a ball gown (aka sausage casing), and shoes to go with it, me grumbling the whole way; she certainly deserves a thank-you note.

I hope you will join me – if not to write a note, to at least remember to stop a moment and say thank you. You’ll feel better!

Resolution 2011: Be kind – and remember to say thank you.

Imagining the possibilities,


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